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Last modified on 12/3/2018 6:12 PM by User.


Bid Board Tile - give it a try!

To create a Bid Board tile, open OASIS O4 in the desktop version of OASIS by clicking on "O4 Dashboard". At the top of the screen, click on Tiles and then "Create Report Tiles". Select the "Bid Board" icon:

(Note: creating and editing of tiles is not currently supported in browser mode.)

Key a name to display with the tile. Something like "Bob's Bids".

By default, only you will see the tile on your home screen. If you would like others to see the tile, expand the section "Who Should See This Tile" and add one or more users.

By default, you will be notified by all bids added to the bid board. To reduce this to a smaller set of bids, expand the "Filters" section and select a CSR, Sales Account (who gets credit on the General tab) or quoter.

Press "Save and Close". The tile is designed to auto-refresh after 15 minutes. At that time, it will appear on your O4 "dashboard":

Now for the "O4" part. The data synchronizes to the O4 cloud servers automatically. Login to O4 using a browser (using the link provided by OASIS support). Notice the bid board tile is there. Now click on the tile:


Did you notice one of the icons for the projects is the OASIS logo and not the basic project icon? That is because we have an attachment in the project named "Photo.jpg". You can do the same for your projects! Have a company logo for the project - get a copy and rename it "Photo.jpg" (we also support .png, .gif and others). Then add to the project attachments.

Ok, logos are nifty. Anything else?

Click on the project! This will open the "sales view" of the project. There will be more on this concept in the future. For now, just know that the project editor will have different views based on how it is being used. In this case, the project editor assumes the user is outside sales and has removed a lot of the project editor complexity. Attachments and the active BOM are already available - read only for the moment. In the file menu, you are able to select "Inside Sales View" to see more of what OASIS users expect - at least enough to meet the needs of typical OASIS quoter.