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OASIS O4 Pre-Season!»WEB Login - login restrictions
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WEB Login - login restrictions

OASIS O4 is a hybrid application. This means that you are able to use OASIS in either a GUI or any HTML5 web browser. This increases the need for having a good password when using OASIS. Additionally, the web login only uses an email address - not the user ID. Before logging into the web version of O4, take the following actions:

  • Login to the OASIS GUI
  • Open the user account under Configuration -> Users
  • Ensure a phone type of "Email" is configured with the user's email address
  • (Users are not able to share email accounts - part of the security. Sorry, not sorry.)
  • Make sure "no password" is un-checked
  • Set the user security as desired

Once the user account is synchronized to the OASIS cloud, the user account is ready for a login.