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MOSR2 - Year over Year Report
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MOSR2 - Year over Year Report


With OASIS technology you can create multiple types of summary reporting - in MOSR2, you can create a order summary report to go over multiple years seeing changes or trends. In this report, orders are selected, covering all years so you can see history over years, see trends and more. Save the report and run it at the end of the year.

This tool allow you to select data like:

  • Source - Orders, Quotes, etc
  • Columns - year, month, etc
  • create a chart
  • Sort
  • Selection/Filter further

Running the report

On the Home screen (toolbar), select Reports and MOSR2

In the My Order Summary Report window, make the selections as shown below:

  • Source - Orders
  • Year - All
  • Rows - Manufacturer
  • Columns - Year
  • Chart (optional) - Bar for Columns

Click Update (yellow)

The reporting grid will appear with all the data selected.

Each year since your company began using OASIS will appear with Sales, Earnings and a Count (number of orders), a % of all business, and a Rank based on the data selected.

At the bottom of the report, a grand totals line will show

If you selected a Chart, the chart will be shown. Similar to the one below. Other chart types are available