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Report field for a custom acco…
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Last modified on 10/12/2018 8:55 AM by User.


Report field for a custom accounting calculation

The following is a new report field that is available for performing accounting calculations on a line by MFG for pro-rate:
Manufacturer And Sell LIPR.
We chose a different name to indicate the calculation is different than what OASIS will normally produce. 

See the following created order to show the difference. The order has two lines:

Invoice “TEST LOT BB 10%” shows one item invoiced for the manufacturer “BB”

Invoice “TEST LOT BA 3%” shows one item invoiced for the manufacturer “BA”

Invoice “TEST LOTS LOT ONLY” shows a lot invoice not specifying the line being invoiced (a lot).

These report fields are used to report invoicing for a brand that did not ship. The line showing “MFG /Sell LIPR shows how the $100 lot invoice will pro-rate the value of the brand totals based on the values of the items on the base order. This one just happens to be 50% for each brand. Regardless, it will show all brands on the order with a percentage of the invoice value.

One of the use-cases for an invoice that is invoiced at the line level but with a lot line as well. The result can very well be a total value for more than what is on the order for a given brand. (Pretty much any case where the invoiced lines are for everything for one brand and has a lot.)