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Track Payable Data in Reports
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Last modified on 7/25/2018 1:20 PM by User.


Track Payable Data in Reports

To build this report,

-     Start in the (invoice) section

-     Select "Reports" 

-     Select "Customizable Invoice Listing"

     Give the report a meaningful name. Set Output to as Print Preview.

      Select the following options in their appropriate sections:

-     Selection: Time frame is key here. As well as just selecting buy as you only want vendor invoices.
-     Grouping: Not Required
-     Sort:         Not Required
-     Filter:        Not available unless a grouping is in use.
-     Layout:     This is where you will add payable and other columns/rows you are wanting.


-      Select print.

Once it runs, you will be able to see all of your Accounts Payable data all in one place. Remember to save the report once you're satisfied and if it ever needs to be adjusted you will be able to access it through the Reports section of Oasis. If you feel that  something else should be added,please let us know.