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Manufacturers»Hold Order form Update (2018)
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Last modified on 6/7/2018 8:31 AM by User.


Hold Order form Update (2018)

This form is undergoing constant changes but we feel it is time to show it to the public for more feedback.

To enable this form, you must go to your Manufacturer's entry, the terms tab, and then change the form type from Legacy to Test. 


New Form

Old Form

We welcome any and all feedback for this form. If you have any questions or ideas please send us an email at


Field Purpose
Sold To The address of the customer to whom this order is sold. This comes from the customer contact information.
Bill To The customer's billing address. This comes from the customer contact information.
Ship To The address to which the order will be shipped. This pulls from the customer contact information, but can be changed on the Addresses tab of the order.
Alternate Address An alternate address to be used for shipping under certain conditions you can specify. This is configured on the Addresses tab of the order.



Bill of Materials

Field Purpose
Qty The actual quantity of items being released on the order
Type The fixture type 
Part / Description The catalog/part number
Quote The quote number for the part
Sell Price The selling price for each part
Extended The total price for all parts on that line
Comm % The commission percentage owed for the sell price
Comm $ The commission owed in dollar amount
Distributor Net The net amount that the distributor receives
Total Overage The overage earned for the sell
Total Due Agency The amount the agency will receive
Earn % The percent earned for the sell




Fields Purpose
Total Price Total sell price of order pulling from bill of material
Agency Commission Total standard commission due to agency per commissions %
Agency Overage Total overage due to agency per overage %
Total Due Agency Total earnings (commission and overage) due to agency
Earn % Percentage of total sell price that is commission and overage

Miscellaneous Information

Object Example Description
Form name Hold order This is the name of the current form.
Agent Number Agent# 123 This is the Agent number that is added on the general tab of the order.
Job Name Job Name: PECOS VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER PHASE II 19493 This is the name of the Project that the order originates from.
PO number PO# 1515 This is the Po number of the order.
Company Name Alpha-Omega Lighting This is the place where the name of Reps company name will be displayed.
Specifier Architect This would be the specifier that is selected as Architect.
Specifier Engineer This would be the specifier that is selected as Engineer.