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O4 Batch Jobs


Batch jobs are now a primary element of OASIS. The tile features run in batch jobs quietly with other services. The Batch Job screens allow OASIS administrators to view which computers jobs can or are running on and the jobs that are scheduled to run.


Admin access to Software is required.

The screens will be moved to the Software application in OASIS. For now, the screens are accessible from the Home application in OASIS.

OASIS Batch Service

Each installation of OASIS contains a full implementation of the OASIS batch service that will become active anytime OASIS is started. This process can not be stopped, but can be disabled. Additionally, the web version of OASIS can be used to start the batch service anytime the computer is restarted. This is important for servers dedicated to running OASIS batch services.

Green to the left of the computer name shows the service on that computer is active. To the right, the job name is show if the service is running one job. If running multiple jobs, only the count of jobs is shown. 

(Note: due to DHCP, it is possible for the same computer to be shown multiple times in the list. This is only temporary as the another computer will eventually take the IP address.)

Clicking on a service will show more information:

The service will show the following attributes:

  • Software - this is the software version. If a new version of OASIS is deployed, the service will take itself offline until OASIS is restarted and the new version is loaded.
  • State - shows the status of the service
  • Update - the last time the service responded. This date should update every 2-5 minutes.
  • Offline - The service has been forced to be offline (user edit).
  • Server - The service has been identified as a server. When running, non-servers will not run jobs unless all servers are unavailable
  • Processes - The number of batch job processes allowed to run concurrently on the service
  • edit - edit the settings

The service edit:

Allows editing of a few of the service variables. Press OK to save and Cancel to not save changes.

OASIS Batch Job

An OASIS batch job is a feature of OASIS that runs in the background without user input. The feature may be a standard part of OASIS, or custom code designed for a single customer. For over a decade, we have used batch jobs to download information from factories, process reports, and even synchronize databases.

Jobs listed are queued to be run - each having a unique time pattern that is used to trigger the job. When a job is running, it is listed with green to the left of the job name. Clicking on a job will show the job details:

The job will show the following attributes:

  • Status: Running and End are the most common. Never Run is used to force the job to run.
  • Summary: unique to the job, this is an overall status like "125 orders updated"
  • Host: Where the job is running right now
  • Time Pattern: Common patterns are:
    • ONCE - run one time and if no exceptions, don't run again
    • ALWAYS - will restart every time. Other jobs are given a chance to run first
    • DELAY=# - run and then delay # minutes before restarting
    • Or a more complex set of the following may be used in a semicolon list:
      • YEAR=# - year to run
      • MONTH=# - month to run
      • MDAY=# - day of month
      • WDAY=# - day of week
      • HOUR=# - 24 hour clock
      • MINUT=# - minute to run
  • Disabled: Y if the job has been disabled by user edit
  • History: show the previous times the job has run. Each run is called a cycle.
  • The last run (called a cycle) is shown. Clicking on the cycle will show the cycle editor

Clicking edit will allow editing of some of the attributes:

Attributes in the batch job editor:

  • Status: current status of the job
  • Summary: job specific summary
  • Host: host where the job is currently running
  • Class: internal entry point
  • Parms: job specific parameters.
  • Time Pattern: time to run as described above
  • Disabled: enable/disable the job (will not kill a running job)
  • Keep Cycles: number of cycles to keep in history (1 will always be kept)
  • No Overtime: kill the job if it runs longer (in minutes) than is specified in expected runtime
  • Expected Runtime: how long the job is expected to run
  • Run As: force the job to run as a given user. If not specified, the virtual user "OASIS" is used. (Users may also create a real user named OASIS. This is optional.)
  • Affinity Host: force the job to run on a given host.

Pressing Ok saves Changes and cancel discards changes.

Restart! will cause the job to run when possible.

The batch job cycle viewer only allows you to see what happened when the job ran. This is mostly used for diagnosing issues, but can be used to see what items were processed at a given time.