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Barron Pricing

Initial Download

To download the Barron pricing, select "Manufacturers" on the left in OASIS and then select "Pricing". In the blue bar on the right, search for your Barron entry in OASIS:

Click on the Barron entry to select the manufacturer entry (turn the button blue), and then select "Update Pricing" under the "Tools" menu:

A balloon (exact size and shape depends on your operating system settings) will show the pricing has started downloading and expect the download time to be about 15 minutes (will vary depending upon network speed, and the speed of your local server:

While the pricing is being downloaded, OASIS may be used for other purposes. When the download is complete, the following balloon will show:


Return to the Pricing application in OASIS to see the downloaded price file:


Double click on the price list to show the data content:


Select the "Level Names" to configure how OASIS uses pricing. At the time of this article, three price levels were available for download. The settings shown below allow for the 10% price to be used as the default quote and order price. 

Press "Save and Close". If asked to change a start or end date - press "Cancel".

Updating when expired (or informed to update)

  1. Go to Manufacturers->Pricing
  2. Search for and select the Barron entry to expand it.
  3. Decide if you want to delete & replace the current price list, update the current price list, or save the current and add a new price list.
    • To delete, right click on the price list and choose delete then continue with step 4.
    • To update, just select the price list and continue with step 4.
    • To save the current, open it and rename it.  Then you will need to mark it as inactive on the Workgroup Access tab.  Then continue with step 4.
  4. While Barron is highlighted, click Tools->Update Pricing.
  5. You will see the same pop-ups listed above and can continue to work in OASIS.  Once you have received the pop-up that it is complete, then you will have the new price list. 
  6. Update the Level Names tab as you need.