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Last modified on 4/25/2019 12:55 PM by User.

Sending Orders To Barron Lighting


Be sure you have completed setting up Barron Connectivity first.

Before you send an order to Barron Lighting you must first save your order. You can do this by clicking save at the bottom of the order then following the steps below.

Sending an order to Barron Lighting is as easy as printing. When properly configured, the following option will appear: 

By default, when the "Ok" button is pressed, the "Sending data direct to manufacturer ..." window will appear. (To over-ride, simply select "Sending Order" instead of "Send Direct!")

Review the order.  Once the information is reviewed, press the Send Now button.

An OASIS order e-mail screen will appear.  The order is to be e-mailed to Barron Lighting (as before).  DO NOT ALTER THE Subject line.  This must remain as defaulted by OASIS and is used to automate the order process at Barron.  In addition to the Order's PDF that you previously sent to Barron Lighting, an additional Excel file will be added to the e-mail as an attachment.

Press SEND and the order will be e-mailed to Barron Lighting.


The top area of the screen will start flashing while the order is e-mailed. You will be notified if there is an error, otherwise the text "Successfully sent transaction to factory." will appear: