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Manufacturer Connectivity»Barron Connectivity»Setting up Barron Lighting
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Last modified on 10/31/2018 10:56 AM by User.

Setting up Barron Lighting

Configuring OASIS


Start by opening or creating the manufacturer entry in OASIS for Barron.  Once open, make sure the entry is active and then enter the agent number assigned to you by Barron.

For resell manufacturer entries for Barron, also enter the same agent number assigned to you by Barron in the Resell Account Number field.

On the General tab, in the Specialization drop down, select "Barron".

Click on Configure Specialization

In the URL field enter:

In the User/Pass fields for any workgroups that you want to get Barron pricing, enter the credentials provided by Ingen Software.

Note:  You will need to do the Specialization and Configure Specialization steps for the Exitronix Brand if you wish to get Exitronix  pricing separately.