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Last modified on 8/21/2018 7:03 AM by User.

Backup Configuration (Automatic Backup)

Use the ASA Configuration tool to view and set the backup time and location

  1. Go to the server where the OASIS DB is running
  2. Launch the "ASA Configuration" tool located under the OASIS 273 program group (in the start menu)
  3. Switch to the "ODBC" tab
  4. Press "Connect" under the "OASIS" section. The current time and backup location will be displayed.
  5. Select "File" then "Set Backup"
    1. Set the time and backup directory (drive must be physically attached to the server)
    2. To clear the backup, clear the backup directory
    3. Press "Ok"


From the server, launch the "ASA Configuration" tool located under the OASIS273 program folder (in the start menu)

Switch to the "ODBC" tab and click "Connect" under the "OASIS" section.

If there is a current backup set, the current time and backup location will be displayed. (Time displays in 24 hour format with 00:00:00 being midnight).

Select "File" then "Set Backup".

To set or reset the backup:

  1. Select a time
  2. Set the backup directory to a location for a drive physically connected to the server (click the "..." button)
  3. Press OK.

NOTE: LAN or "mapped" drives don't usually work unless your system administrator properly configures the Windows security for the domain. It works best to copy and paste the path and file into the backup directory. 

To stop the backup:

  1. Clear the backup directory (make the entry blank)
  2. Press "Ok"