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Philips Request For Quote

Request For Quote

Currently in development!!

Be sure you have completed the initial Philips manufacturer authorization.

To enable Request For Quote processing with Philips, choose the RFQ tab in the Philips manufacturer specialization, then click the 'Send Request For Quotes' option.

To send an RFQ to Philips:

  • Open the quote you wish to send

Ensure that location information for both city and state are entered on the General tab.  (Location value is required by Philips)

  • Click the "Print" button
  • On the print screen, select the print option for "Request for Quotation"
  • On the print options, select your Philips manufacturer and click "Next"
  • On the next screen click "Print"  (notes are not available to send to Philips at this time)

A dialog box will appear, confirming that you wish to send an RFQ directly to Philips.

  • Click 'Yes'

Next, confirm your manufacturer target pricing (if necessary) and click 'Send Now'... 


Status of the process and final success or failure will be indicated in the status bar at the top of the screen...

Close the dialog once the process completes.

Once notified by Philips about the status of the RFQ, use the standard OASIS RFQ feature to load the Philips response into the quote.