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Manufacturer Connectivity»Philips Connectivity»Setting up Philips (Signify)
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Last modified on 4/8/2019 11:24 AM by User.

Setting up Philips (Signify)

Configuring OASIS

Start by opening or creating the manufacturer entry in OASIS for Philips.  Once open, make sure the entry is active, then in the Specialization drop down, select "DCO". 
Note:  Existing Philips setups will already have DCO selected.

Next, select the Configure Specialization link.

Any existing "brand mapping" will appear on the screen.  No changes under the Map Brands tab are required.  To set OASIS to use the newest Philips connectivity features, choose the Configuration tab.

A new configuration window will appear.  First define your authorization with Philips:


You must have access to the Philips' My Lighting web site.  On initial Philips setup, you will need to login to the My Lighting web site and generate a pass code to be used in OASIS.  Please contact Philips for further information about gaining access to the My Lighting web site and creating a pass code.  Once you have a valid user and pass code, enter those values under the Authorization tab.

Next, choose the Philips product features you wish to include:

Philips Dynamic Pricing

Philips Request For Quote


Once finished, click Save to save the options.  If the user and/or pass code are changed, a new authorization request is sent to Philips.  If the authorization is not successful, a dialog will notify you of the issue.


The Access option allows you to manually instigate an authorization request to Philips.  This option should only be necessary if the pass code and user values are still valid, but the authorization from Philips is invalid.