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Last modified on 3/26/2019 4:45 PM by User.


P2P Pricing From the Agent's Point of View

Create / Open your Manufacturer Entry


Select P2P in the specialization drop down. Then click Configure Specialization.


  • Enter the URL given to you by the Oasis support team into the P2P Location field.
  • Enter the manufacturer name in the P2P Company field.
  • Enter the brand name in the P2P Brand field
  • Enter the password given to you by the Oasis support team into the P2P Password field.
  • Select "Use Dynamic Pricing From This Manufacturer".
  • Save the specialization and then save and Save & Close the manufacturer entry.


Activating and Using the Price List

  • Completing the setup steps will cause Oasis to automatically create a blank price list if one is not already there. If a price list does not exist OASIS will not create one until the first price lookup.
  • Then you can go into your quote or project and start entering parts.
  • This will make a call to our servers in the background to get the pricing and return it to you.
  • For the first time entering a part you may need to type in 3 or more characters then back space a few characters, and retype what you backspaced out.  This is because the first time it calls there is a lot of data to return.  The backspace and retype will initiate a new call on the data it just downloaded.



If you are not getting pricing after doing the above steps you may need to increase Oasis' wait  time for a response from our servers. To do this please follow the bellow steps

  1. Have an admin go to Configuration
  2. Software
  3. Click settings
  4. Enter 2000 for the price lookup wait time