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Pipeline Report for a Manufacturer


The reporting tools in OASIS are extensive and many times trigger requests for reports to meet the needs of others. A "What's in the Pipeline" type report is one that has been requested by Manufacturers to know what of their products are being quoted on jobs. OASIS can create this report with the information needed, saved and sent as often as needed.

How to create the report

Go to Projects, then Reports, Select Customizable Quote Listing - Line Level

The Report Builder window opens

In the Report Title, give it a name that reflects what you want to call the report

Then click the Selection box - the Quote Selection criteria window will open

You have several options for Timeframes, Create Date, Bid Date - Use only one these options - most common is Bid Date.

If you want the current month, select "This Month" to "This Month", if running it for the previous month, then select "Last Month" to "Last Month"

If weekly, the select "This Week" or "Last Week, to "This Week" or "Last Week"

Check the "Active" checkbox, likely we don't want to report on "inactive" quotes.

In the Quote Status area, Using the "add"/ "remove" buttons enter all statuses except Order Pending, Ordered and those past/below the order status. Since we only want to show (new), Quoted and maybe Submitted, ( or Buy, Prebid Design, if used)

Then go to the "Parties" tab - use the "add.." button and select a specific manufacturer

You can choose other Filter criteria, but for now, click OK.

You should be back to the Report Builder screen, click the Grouping button.

In the Define Grouping window, drag & drop the "Project Name" field right side list of Fields to the left window, as shown below. The click OK.

You should be back to the Report Builder screen,

 - click the Sort button, to Sort further (optional)

 - click the Filter button to Filter further (optional)

Then click the Layout button - the Report Layout window opens. You can pick & Choose what Fields you want for the report.

NOTE - your manufacturer may want certain information.

Here, the wizard allows you to change columns, move columns, change width, portrait or landscape, add / remove columns - basically make the report look as you want.

The system makes some assumptions on what columns it thinks you want so there will already be entries. See below

The first block on the upper left are the Column/Field headers for the report, the second block left are the items that will appear under each Project Name entry on the report - in this case, each Part line from the quote that is this Manufacturer

In each of these blocks you can pick/choose what shows here for the report.

The blocks on the right are all of the Columns/Fields that can be used. You can drag & drop to add and remove these fields to and from the report on the left.

Once you have the columns/fields on the report set, click OK.

Then Click the Save Button - NOTE - Make sure you have given the report a Report Title (name)

Doing this will Save the report, but also allow you to open, edit/make changes in the report and re-save to get it exactly as needed.

Once saved you can run this report monthly and send to the manufacturer.

NOTE - You can also create this report for each of you manufacturers.

Then Click "Print" to run the report. Example below

This report can also be automated to send to any email address(s).

Example - I want to send this report to my manufacturer every week (ie. Monday morning)

Create and save the report, then call OASIS Support 501-843-6750 to set up the automation process.