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Last modified on 8/23/2017 11:17 AM by User.

Graybar - SSS

How to Setup OASIS for the Submittal Subscription Service

The Submittal Subscription Service is designed to save you time when creating or generating submittals.  To properly use and see all of the screens referenced in this document you must be on release W235 or later.  Check with OASIS Support if you are unsure of your current release.

To setup your subscriptions, go to the Submittals section of OASIS. Click on the Tools menu, and then Setup Subscriptions:

OASIS will contact our servers to retrieve your current subscription information. You will then see a window like the one below. 

Note:  If the window is empty please contact us at 501-843-6750 so that we may check the setup.

The manufacturer images must be associated with the correct manufacturer entry in your system. To download the images under the correct brand, click on the button with the “...” on it, and select the manufacturer.

 Once all the manufacturers are linked, click on the OK button.  To then start the download, go to the Tools menu and select Update Subscriptions:

You will see a popup balloon telling you where in the process the download is:


The download will take a while, especially if this is your first attempt to download a manufacturer. You can still use OASIS normally while the download is running. While you are downloading, it is recommended that you keep Oasis open until the download is complete. Otherwise the download will have to be restarted so it can resume later.