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Oasis pricing doesn't match Flash

Troubleshooting Oasis Pricing

If Oasis pricing isn't matching the pricing within Flash, please follow these steps below.


Step 1: Compare Oasis pricing to flash pricing

-     Go to Quotes

-     Highlight the line that the price doesn't match

-     Select Cooper

-     Price and availability (NOTE: Prices pull from Flash)


Step 2: Checking effective end date

-     Go to the price list

-     Find the line for that part that isn't matching

-     Look at effective end date on that line

-     If effective end date is not a week from today, it has just been entered in. 


Single line price difference

-    Delete that line and reprice it in the quote 

-    You will be prompted to update the effective end date

-    Select "Cancel"


Multiple line price differences- Refresh manufacturer pricing list

-     Go to Pricing

-     Highlight the manufacturer

-     Select Cooper

-     Select Activate new dynamic price list

Step 3: Set quote path

-    Open price list

-    Go to level names tab

-    Set quote path for recommended, min, target max (In that order)

If pricing still doesn't match Flash after these steps please contact us. 

Oasis Sales Software Suport

Phone: 501-843-6750

Fax:     501-843-0354