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Auto Emailing the Sales Accoun…
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Last modified on 6/27/2017 1:36 PM by User.


Auto Emailing the Sales Account/Customer Assigned to


In the process of managing a job/quote, when Quotes are sent, many groups want the Sales person (Sales Account(s)) to also be CC'd when the quote is sent. And/or they want the salesperson assigned to that customer (Customer Assigned to:) CC'd when the quote is sent. In either scenario, once the quote is sent, the "Sales Account" and/or the "Customer Assigned to" will also receive a copy of the email and the quote. If you would like to set up this feature, follow the steps below

Go to Configuration (Admin User) - example below

Then click Software, then "Setting" in the Global Preferences area

In the Global Settings window, click the Projects and Quotes tab

There are 2 check boxes - either or both can be checked.

 - CC assigned sales accounts when emailing customer quote (Sales Account(s) on the Quote)

 - CC assigned customer sales person when emailing customer quote (Customer Assign To - Customer setup)

Once this is set, click OK

Sales Account(s) and/or Sales people assigned to a customer on a quote will be auto CC'd on quotes