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Careers at OASIS
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Careers at OASIS

These tables list the current job openings that you can apply for.  If you are interested in any of these positions, then send your resume to the address listed in the job description or email

Full Time Positions

Job Title Status Job Description
Entry-Level Programmer Position Filled EntryLevelProgrammerJobDescription.pdf
Intermediate Programmer Position Filled IntermediateLevelProgrammerJobDescription.pdf
Sales/Marketing Position Filled TBD
Project Management All Positions Filled TBD
Customer Service All Positions Filled TBD
Hardware Position Filled TBD


Part-Time Positions

Job Title Status Job Description
Building Manager Position Filled TBD
Sales/Marketing Position Filled TBD
Data Entry Position Filled TBD


Intern Positions

Job Title Status Job Description
Programming Intern Position Filled ProgrammingInternJobDescription.pdf
Tech Support Intern Inactively Seeking SupportInternJobDescription.pdf
Sales/Marketing Intern Position Filled MarketingInternJobDescription.pdf

Note:  All intern positions require the applicant to be enrolled in classes towards some form of degree or certification.