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Installing OASIS Web on Tomcat
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Installing OASIS Web on Tomcat



This document guides users through installation of OASIS on systems running the Apache Tomcat web service. This method uses the OASIS.war file and shows how to configure the system to connect to the appropriate database.

Installing Apache Tomcat

Tomcat installs like any other Windows application (or UNIX if running from Macintosh, Linux, or similar system).

The official website for Tomcat is:

The current release supported by Ingen Software is Tomcat 5.x. After navigating to a version of Tomcat, look for the following links under “Binary Distributions”:

  • Core  .tar.gz – Use the “.tar.gz” link for UNIX based operating systems
  • Core  Windows Service Installer – for windows users

 Please consult the tomcat website for more information about Tomcat installation and management.

Installing OASIS/Web

Once tomcat is installed, the following items should be available from the start menu (for windows users only):



Click on the “Tomcat 5.x Program Directory”:



Double click on the “webapps” directory (this is where applications like OASIS/Web are to be installed). Delete any “OASIS” files or directories in the webapps directory. It is recommended that all OASIS files be deleted each time a new version of OASIS/Web is installed.

Download the latest update from Ingen Software. The OASIS/Web technologies are deployed as self extracting “ZIP” files. Once downloaded, open the file to show the self extractor:



For most users, just click on “Browse” and look for the tomcat “webapps” directory (the path is show in the Window’s “Address” bar from the previous step:



Press “Ok”, then press “Unzip” on the Self-Extractor window. Only one file will be extracted:



On the server, start an Internet browser and key in the following address:


 It is possible the following error will show – give Tomcat at most 5 minutes to complete the deployment of the application. You will see a directory named “OASIS” appear in the webapps directory. If not, Tomcat may not be started.



Once tomcat is ready to process requests for OASIS, the following screen will show. OASIS/Web must be configured before users are able to access the website. Not performing this step will likely cause a security error and Tomcat will shutdown (this is a bug – only an error will be reported in the future):



Key in the server name (or IP address) and the database login information and press “SAVE”:



Once saved, key in the following address into the browser:


 If the database connection is good, you will see any logo stored in the workgroup section of the OASIS GUI (see the tab marked “Web”):




Unfortunately, Ingen Software cannot help with firewall configuration.

 The default Tomcat port is 8080. Adjusting the port number is specific to your installation of Tomcat.

 The port number (8080) and the server IP address is required to configure the following firewalls:

  • The server may have a firewall (The Windows firewall, anti-virus application firewall, UNIX firewalls like IPCHAINS).
  • The router/firewall connecting your LAN to the internet will have to be configured to allow requests coming to the firewall for port 8080 must be forwarded to the related server.