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Manufacturers Integrating with OASIS

Electronic Data Formats

OASIS was designed from the beginning to connect and share information. Security, data format, user training and many other aspects of OASIS are already available to support business to business communication with OASIS.

The following offerings from Ingen Software are available to aid in the integration process of connecting OASIS to other data systems operated by other companies (business to business communication):

  • Standard Features - Many factories use standard OASIS features for integration. With a simple email message, pricing and other data may be pushed to the reps with little integration effort.
  • Dynamic Pricing - push pricing to reps dynamically.
  • OASIS Hosted Dynamic Pricing - Similar to Dynamic Pricing, however Ingen Servers act as host of your data.
  • (Product to be decommissioned) M.O.S.T. A web tool for small and medium sized manufacturers without sales force software.
  • EDI Support – OASIS does support a number of EDI Documents. In most cases, the default mapping for EDI won't work - namely when integrating reps with manufacturers. In all cases, some custom code will have to be created and validated by the OASIS development team.
  • Custom Connector – Contract with Ingen Software to develop integration with OASIS and internal data systems. Use our experience and development team to speed integration with OASIS.
  • Submittal Subscription Service – Provide submittals to agencies with updates.
  • OASIS Specialization - Basic OASIS integration using a web site, or FTP (including sftp) bulletin boards.


Use these documents to integrate manufacturer applications with OASIS and tap the large and growing network of sales agencies using OASIS. If you have questions or need a more sophisticated solution, please contact Ingen Software at 501-843-6750.

Basic Forms (typically FAX or Email as PDF):