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Document Editor
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Last modified on 8/2/2018 2:04 PM by User.


Document Editor



Improving communication is one of the primary goals for OASIS. The OASIS document editor helps by allowing users to assemble, remove and highlight any document in OASIS.

How it works

The best way to describe this new feature is by example. Begin by creating an order and using “send message”:


Select the "Edit the page" button

Message Editor Buttons

     Save Icon
     Edit the page
      Print each page
     Go to the first page
    Go to the previous page
     Go to the next page
    Go to the last page
     Zoom in 
     Zoom out 
     Rotate left
     Rotate right



Document Editor Buttons

    Selection Tool
    Highlight Tool
    Remove selected page
    Zoom in 
    Zoom out
    Highlight properties


Please note that the office copy watermark will disappear during the editing of the document. This does not set the “transmit flag” on the order in OASIS. However, the document the addressee will receive will be as now viewed on screen.