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Last modified on 10/18/2017 12:37 PM by User.

Valmont Pricing

Users now have the ability to access pricing for Valmont parts in OASIS. Pricing is good for up to seven days - expiring every Sunday.  Pricing will be updated automatically when expiration is reached.

NOTE: The following assumes you have gone through the setup process detailed here.


How it works

Once configured, the pricing is automatic.  Within a quote or order, users enter the Valmont brand in the manufacturer column and start typing in the part number.  OASIS will query for pricing behind the scenes.  OASIS will notify users that it is pulling pricing with the following notification box that will appear at the bottom right hand corner of the users's screen.  The user can continue working, and OASIS will pull in the correct pricing behind the scene.


Solving Issues

If there are issues getting pricing into OASIS, here are a few things that can be checked.

  1. If OASIS does not display a part list drop-down, there might have a connectivity or setup issue. (also, patience is required while waiting for the part list drop-down to be created - it can take a while – around 15 seconds)

Test the setup by looking up parts using a direct lookup of a parts using the credentials in a web browser…

If there are results displayed, then the credentials are good.

  1. If OASIS displays parts in a drop-down list, then connectivity is probably fine. (or at least there was connectivity previously)
  2. If a part can be selected from the drop-down list, but no price is showing:
    1. Select the part and press F3.  If there is pricing there, then the connection might be slow.  There is a global setting to adjust how long OASIS waits before ‘giving up’ on putting the price in automatically.
    2. If there is no pricing shown for the F3 feature, then there might be a connectivity issue:

Try a direct lookup of a price using the credentials in a web browser…

If there are results displayed, then the credentials are good.


General behavior of OASIS in dynamic pricing…

OASIS will try to find a match to a part number that a user begins typing once they type the 3rd character.  It will first look at the local price list.  If it does not have a match, then it will call the web service to get a part list.  Valmont’s part list is ‘configurator’ data, so it takes them a while to send a complete part number (that’s where the patience comes in).  Also, sometimes you have to backspace to ‘wake up’ OASIS so that it will show the dropdown list.  Once a part is chosen from the dropdown list, then it tries to get pricing.  This can be a little tricky to troubleshoot.  First of all, OASIS will check its cache to see if the part’s price has already been looked up.  If there were problems trying to get the part’s price before, then $0 is going to be in the cache.  So, that part is going to return $0 until the cache is cleared.  How do you clear a cache?  You log out of OASIS.  So now the cache is clear.  Next is checking the local price list for a matching price for the part.  If the price is not expired in the local price list, that is the price that will pop in.  If the price is expired, then it will call the web service.  But, OASIS is only going to wait so long.  The default is 2 seconds.  If the web service does not return a price within 2 seconds, OASIS will give up.  So, again $0 can wind up in the cache.  There is a global setting that can be used to adjust the wait time.