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Configurator File Download Configuration


The <configdata> download type configures the OASIS Specialization to download product series from the web or ftp site. .

How does it work?

Once the oasis.xml is setup, the user keys the URL of your website (or our website if Ingen is hosting it) containing the oasis.xml into OASIS with the required user name and password.

To download pricing, the user must select your manufacturer entry in their OASIS system under "Pricing" (this application is hidden under the manufacturers application). Then the user select "Update Pricing" from the "Tools" menu.

‚ÄčThe system then scans the oasis.xml for the configdata tag to identify the file name and downloads the file to the local computer. Then OASIS loads the file into the product series for that manufacturer entry.  The format of this file is explained at Configuration File setup


  <configdata active="Y">
    <file type="file_type"
          name="relative_path_name" | url="url">

configdata tag

The configdata tag activates series downloads for the OASIS Specialization. The attribute "active" must be set to "Y".

file tag

There may be one or more file tags to activate pricing downloads. 


type - the file type may be one of "xls", "xlsx" or "csv". Although OASIS will attempt to guess the file type from the file name extension, it is best to use the "type" attribute to ensure the proper file type is identified.

name - The relative file path name. This may include a path name (e.g. subdir/filename.csv) and may include %user% which is expanded to the user's login name to the site. If the name attribute is provided, the url attribute is ignored.

url - This is a full URL to the pricing file and must begin with the protocol (e.g. http:, ftp:, etc). The same user / password is used when downloading the file.


In this example, the pricing is activated to download a pricing file name "OASIS PRICE LIST.xlsx" with a file type of "xlsx" (Microsoft's Excel xlsx format).

When the user selects "Update Pricing", OASIS will login to the site using the user name and password for the workgroup they are assigned to. The system will download the "OASIS PRICE LIST.xls" file and load the product series laid out in the file.  It will overwrite existing products series with the same name.