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Pricing options
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Pricing options

We get many requests for pricing for OASIS, because agents/reps are eager to use the pricing tools.

It can keep pricing up to date, reduce order entry / part number errors, and help the rep keep track or history of pricing.

We have about 450 reps across the US, Canada, and Latin America using OASIS. We don’t have a list of your reps, but likely many of them use OASIS.

We also have about 100 distributors using the distributor version. They also exchange data with reps.


There are several options for getting your pricing into a rep's OASIS system. Let's start with the simplest to the more advanced.


Spreadsheet Copy/Paste – if you can get the agent a simple spreadsheet of pricing, they can take that and simply copy/paste it into OASIS

  •   Advantages – inexpensive, easy to do, no cost on OASIS side
  •   Disadvantages – this works well if pricing is the same for all reps you have, every time pricing changes process is repeated

FTP site – creating folders for each rep, secured with user/password. We make their OASIS point to the FTP server for price downloads directly into OASIS

  • Advantages – still inexpensive, no charge on OASIS side, works for territory pricing, you can change pricing, drop in in their folder, they immediately get the latest pricing, you have total control. Loads pricing dynamically as they start typing a part number.
  • Disadvantages – time to set up, labor to keep pricing updated

Load pricing on our OASIS Cloud server – we provide a service to MFGs where you send us pricing, we load it on our Cloud OASIS server, then you give us a list of reps, we turn only those reps on to receive downloaded pricing in to their OASIS.

  • Advantages – less labor on your side, still no charge from OASIS, loads pricing dynamically as they start typing a part number
  • Disadvantages – must send us pricing as prices change

Web Service / Configurator – if you have either of these options, we can make OASIS go to your site, let the agent build a part, and then have it dropped into their OASIS quote or order.

  • Advantages – they start a quote in OASIS, type MFG, it goes to your site/service, they build a part maybe with pricing, it will drop the part and price into their OASIS quote/order, they can stay in one system and do everything (huge advantage), everything else updates as you update
  • Disadvantages – internet down, they're down

Manufacturer Systems – if you are using some sort of backend system, ERP, etc., we can usually connect to it for pricing downloads in to the users OASIS. We have done this several times, and there are several options / protocols

  • Advantages – smooth, seamless to the agent, it just connects and works, loads pricing dynamically as they start typing a part number. We can exchange through XML, EDI, SOAP Calls, etc

Use OASIS MFG version internally – We do have a manufacturer version of OASIS that can manage jobs' RFQ’s, orders, shipping data, even invoice and commission reconciliation.

  • Advantages – exchange data with a rep in our native format meaning drag and drop, no re-keying data. Use the Configurator in OASIS to configure parts and exchange with rep. Rep can send you a quote, an order, etc., and you can reply back, track information on the job, reportability
  • Disadvantages – data in 2 systems unless we can integrate your MFG OASIS to direct enter the PO into your backend ERP system – we have done this several times (SAP, Oracle, Accounting systems, etc)

In addition to the above, we can exchange data with a mfg for:

  • RFQ’s bidirectional
  • Submittal subscription service where we manage your spec sheets to the reps
  • Order direct send
  • Order status shipping updates automated
  • Invoices
  • Commission reconciliation payments

If you would like to see a demo of how OASIS works for the rep, let me know. We would be happy to do an online demo for you and any of your group.

Our goal is to make everyone involved easier to do business with, hasten the sales process, reduce errors, and sell more product. We do that with OASIS.