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Manufacturer Integration
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Manufacturer Integration

Integration with OASIS


How many of your reps/agents are using OASIS?

Likely more than half!

OASIS is the fastest growing most widely used software in the lighting business. Reps are benefiting from using OASIS; why not let OASIS benefit you?



There are at least 2 ways that a manufacturer can benefit from OASIS:

  1.          Integration with OASIS at the rep - receiving and sending data to and from an OASIS user (rep) to your system
  2.          Using the Manufacturer Version of OASIS internally, using the Part Configurator to deliver pricing


Advantages of integrating with your reps using OASIS:

  •          Reduce errors! Data can flow into a manufacturer’s system seamlessly without having to re-key.  This reduces entry errors significantly and increases efficiency.
  •          OASIS can receive data from a manufacturers system in many formats and can auto-apply it.
  •          Customer service / order entry personnel can spend more time processing orders instead of re-keying.
  •          All of this makes you easier to do business with! Increases sales because reps spend more time selling your products!
  •         See the document "OASIS Integration Technology" for details.


Receiving and sending data from a rep using OASIS

Since OASIS is the most widely used software for manufacturer reps, taking advantage of this is something to consider. The OASIS platform allows integration with all kinds of technology, including ERP systems such as SAP and others. We have also customized OASIS to integrate with accounting systems and several other manufacturer systems. Here are some common connectivity options currently used:

  •         Downloading pricing from the manufacturer into OASIS. This is a time saver and reduces errors considerably. The user has the correct catalog nomenclature and pricing so RFQ’s and orders can be processed much more efficiently.
  •         Requests for quotes can be bidirectional from the rep to the manufacturer. The manufacturer can receive the RFQ and see it in their view, reply, and the agent receives the response and can immediately apply it to the quote.
  •         Orders can be sent directly from the rep using OASIS into the manufacturers system, reducing errors.
  •         Shipping and order status information can be sent to the rep and auto-applied – this allows the rep to provide a high level of service to their customers!
  •        Invoices and commissions can also be sent direct directly to the rep and auto-applied. This allows the rep to track jobs and follow up with both customers and the manufacturers staying proactive.
  •        Technologies used to connect can be EDI, FTP, XML, SOAP calls, and more! See the document "OASIS Integration Technology" for details.


Using the manufacturer version of OASIS internally

The manufacturer version of OASIS is our newest application. Many manufacturers do not have a good way to manage jobs and communication with the rep force. The tools in OASIS are very helpful to the agent. Give us a call for a webinar or discussion about the manufacturer version of OASIS.



  •         This allows seamless exchange of pricing, RFQ’s, orders, shipping and status info, and more.
  •         Also allows a distributor, rep, and manufacturer using OASIS to send data bidirectionally in OASIS' native format, further improving efficiency and communication.


Other tools


Configurator – Build a part with cost and pricing

  •         You can build parts with pricing right on the screen creating an end item or a custom part
  •         You can set rules so that the user is prompted when a part cannot be built
  •         Unlimited options allow you to build just what is needed

If you have a configurator, OASIS can link to it, build a part, and load it into OASIS!



Cut sheets can also be loaded into OASIS, and users can generate professional-looking submittal packages for your products. OASIS has a tool to remember previous work, so the rep time spent creating submittal packages is reduced tremendously. We can take it a step further by auto-highlighting cut sheets before loading into the reps system, speeding up the process even more!


Stock Status

OASIS can also be linked to an inventory system, allowing the rep to see what is in stock at one or all warehouses.



We initially developed OASIS for the rep market 12 years ago. It quickly grew to be the fastest growing most widely used software for reps in the US and Canada. Because of this success, we were asked to develop a distributor version a few years ago, and now it is the fastest-growing part of our business. This prompted a manufacturer version with the same tools as these. Although relatively new, the manufacturer version is getting the attention of manufacturers. We have several manufacturers using it already, and we are receiving calls weekly.


Our Team

The reason we have grown are our people. Our development team has years of experience creating usable software that meets the needs of our customers. We listen to them and work with them resolve needs and give them useful tools to do their job. Our customer service team is here to answer questions and help users no matter what the issue is. You call and talk to a real person who can answer your questions or get an answer quickly.