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Integration Overview
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Integration Overview

Use these documents to integrate manufacturer applications with OASIS and tap the large and growing network of sales agencies using OASIS. If you have questions or need more a more sophisticated, please contact Ingen Software at 501-843-6750.

Integrating data systems requires two elements:

  • A data format understood by both system
  • A transport method to move the data from one system to the other.

For pricing information, a comma or tab delimited file data format is used. This allows simple spreadsheet applications to create and manage data that is imported into OASIS. For transaction data, a proprietary XML schema is utilized to maximize features. In both cases, the data transport may be FTP or basic email.

Data Transport Options - FTP

Why FTP? This is the most basic data exchange format available from all major data systems. Additionally, FTP is a very easy to understand and debug store and forward implementation allowing developers to see the data in a “folder” and diagnose issues.

Data format: XML

Why XML? Data exchange with sales agencies is more complex than typical EDI formats.