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Configuring Hinkley Lighting
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Configuring Hinkley Lighting


To configure OASIS to download the Hinkley pricing, first contact the OASIS support team ( or 501-843-6750) to get the user and password that are required below.

In OASIS, open the Hinkley entry in your OASIS system:

Next, select "OASIS Specialization" under the "Connectivity" section and click "Configure Specialization":

In the URL, type the text below:
In the "Per workgroup setup" table, key the user name and password provided by the OASIS support team. Only the primary workgroup is required to be configured.
Press the "Test" button to check the configuration information:
Press "Ok" to close the test windows. Press "Ok" to close the configuration window and then press "Save and Close" on the Hinkley manufacturer entry.