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Price Sheets

Price Sheets are the short list of products from various manufacturers that you want to publish to your customers.

Setting up items to print on the Price Sheet

To select the part numbers you wish to publish:

  1. Click on the Manufacturers section 
  2. Click on Pricing
  3. Click on the Manufacturer name
  4. Open the Price list
  5. Add the Print Column through File menu > Preferences
  6. Check only the parts that you wish to publish in the print column.


Printing a Customer Price Sheet

To Print a customer Price Sheet

  1. Go to the Price Lookup section of OASIS
  2. Click on Reports > Old > Price Sheets
  3. You will get a "Can not access server" message.  Click ok  (The Report Library is a feature that was removed from OASIS)
  4. Make your selections of Manufacturers to include and the customer you want to print for.


Price Sheets on the OASIS Web

Details coming soon...