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Manufacturer Connectivity»Sending RFQs
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Sending RFQs

Sending Requests For Quote

NOTE: The following assumes you have gone through the setup process detailed here.

RFQs for Lumenwerx need to be sent to them via e-mail.  The e-mail will include a specialized Excel file sent as an attachment to key e-mail contacts at Lumenwerx.

To send the RFQ to Lumenwerx:

  • Open the quote you wish to send and click the "Print" button. 
  • On the print screen, select the print option for "Request for Quotation". 
  • On the print options, select your Lumenwerx manufacturer, click 'Next', and enter any notes necessary...

  • Then click "Print."


A dialog box will appear, confirming that you wish to send an RFQ directly to Lumenwerx (via e-mail).

  • Click 'Yes'.


Next, confirm your manufacturer target pricing (if necessary) and click 'Send Now'... 


This will generate the e-mail and attachments to be sent to Lumenwerx.  Information for the e-mail will be pre-filled but is also editable.

Press 'Send' to e-mail the RFQ to Lumenwerx.

Success or failure of the send will be indicated here...