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OASIS Screens»Contact Editor
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Contact Editor





Field Purpose / Action
Title Contact's Title
First Name Contact's first name
Middle Contact's middle name, if needed.
Last Name Contact's last name
Department Department that the contact works
Position Current position contact holds within the department
Company Full Company name
Notes Any notes that relate to this contact


Contact Information


Field Purpose / Action
Line 1 Contact's address
Line 2 Additional line, if needed
City/State/Zip City,State, and Zip code
Country Contact's Country
Kind The type of communication
Number Actual phone number or email
Ext Phone number extension
Notes Any notes that relate to this contact
Attachments Any attachments to be connected to contact



Standard Oasis attachments panel:

Bottom Buttons


Field Purpose / Action
Ok Saves and closes the contact editor
Cancel Allows you to close the contact editor without saving