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Changing OASIS Temp Directory
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Last modified on 3/26/2018 9:18 AM by User.

Changing OASIS Temp Directory


Some users are not able to open attachments in OASIS or have issues creating PDFs from OASIS (printing to local printer works, but not to PDF).


  • Create a directory on the c: drive
  • In the Workstation settings, set the "alternate TEMP directory" to the newly created directory
  • Restart OASIS


Begin by opening "My Computer" and selecting the c: drive. Create a directory named "OasisTemp" (best to use one word):

Select "Configuration" then "Software":

Key in "C:\OasisTemp"

Non-Admin Users

For non-admin users or users without access to the Software section of OASIS, changing OASIS temp directory can be done by adding a line to your preferences file.

- Close OASIS completely
- Go to My Computer and open the "C:" drive on your computer. 
- For Windows Vista/7/8/10, the next folder will be "Users". 
- Open the folder of your login name.
- Open the ".oasis" folder.
- Locate and open the "preferences" file. (Use Notepad on Windows)
- Add USE_TEMP_DIR="C:/OasisTemp" to the bottom of the text file.
- Save and close the preferences file.
- Add a new folder to the C: drive named OasisTemp.
- Start OASIS.