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Last modified on 11/19/2015 4:06 PM by User.


Do I need to update my OASIS installation?

Many OASIS users have not yet updated to the latest OASIS installer. For many, this has not affected them, but there have been many more who report issues which are fixed in the new installers.

The quickest way to tell if you need to update is to look at your desktop icon for OASIS. The old installers will have this icon:

The new installers use this one instead:

If you have the old square icon, you should take the following steps:

  • Download a new installer from
  • Write down your OASIS connection info (details on that below)
  • Uninstall the OASIS program
  • Install using the new installer you downloaded
  • OASIS may fail to connect when you first run it. If that happens, reenter your connection info that you wrote down before.

You can find your OASIS connection details at the top of the main OASIS window:

The K is for Kind, S is for Server, P is for Port. The user and password for database connection is usually "oasis" and "oasis". If those do not work, please call OASIS support.