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OASIS Cloud Sync Service
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OASIS Cloud Sync Service

Companies with multiple branches have some business obstacles to overcome if they want all data to be gathered to a central location for sharing data/transactions, accounting and/or reporting. Manual processes rely on someone to move the data and receive/import the data. This can be time consuming and data can easily be “out of date” within a day. Our Cloud Sync Service is a “hands off” solution. It runs in the background, synchronizing all databases within minutes of any entry changes. If you are experiencing slowness with your current remote access solution, you can obtain speed, security, and data sharing with this option. Each branch office/location will have its own database* that will synchronize through a central database remotely hosted on Ingen servers. Since there is a database in each office, speed is not an issue.

Security and Integrity

Our team monitors the synchronization process. If any issues arise with any database, you will be notified. When the issue is resolved the sync process is resumed.


Since the synchronization process uses an Ingen hosted server, there is a backup included as well. The backup is run daily. This backup is periodically validated to make sure the data is good. This validated copy is also stored off site at another data center. If something were to happen to a database in a branch/location, the group could be switched to running on the “cloud” database and would be back to doing business quickly. When the hardware is restored, the database can be synchronized back to the restored/replaced server.

Basic Support

Basic support for the service is included with a current OASIS Support & Maintenance.


Setup charge


Basic Charge

$75 per month for up to 50 GB database size (oasis.db file only) - 2 database sync

Additional charges

$25/month for additional “live” databases to sync.

Should a database fail, there could be minor charges related to copying data, shipping, etc

Support & Maintenance


Database size

$50/month for each additional 50 GB of database size (oasis.db only, not including transaction logs)

*NOTE - Users must purchase any additional database licenses required. 

All users must have a current support and maintenance contract with Ingen software for their OASIS installation.  Use of any of these services will not expand support provided beyond current limits. Support staff will not have the ability to log on and view or change data in user’s database. 


Here are some known limitations with the sync service:

  • Quote numbers may overlap, but will still be considered unique based on which database they came from.
  • Resell Vendor Orders should be created in one office at a time. Duplicate vendor order numbers are currently possible.
  • Resell Customer Invoices should be created in one office at a time. Duplicate customer invoice numbers are currently possible.
  • The OASIS inventory system should only be used in one office at a time. This may change later, but the inventory numbers and pick numbers could get damaged otherwise.
  • Opening the same transaction in multiple offices should be limited as much as possible. The "open by another user" warning will likely show but you may not be warned in time. Currently, the last save wins. 
  • Assume any common information (manufacturers, customers, and global settings) will take up to one hour to push out to all the offices.
  • Price lists do not sync. Each office will need to maintain their own price lists.

Give us a call or email now to get started.

Tony Moss

Ingen Software, Inc - OASIS Sales Software
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Cabot, AR  72023