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OASIS Cloud Hosting Service
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OASIS Cloud Hosting Service

Over the last few years mobile technology has grown tremendously. Many have chosen not to invest in hardware infrastructure at the office and instead have chosen to host their programs/data in a “cloud” environment. Now that internet speed is adequate in most areas, this is a viable option. The OASIS database can now be hosted in our private cloud environment and the database can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

NOTE - The size of your office (number of users), remote offices in other locations, and internet speed/bandwidth still play a part in an acceptable user experience, however using OASIS in a cloud environment may be an option for your group.

How / Where

Whether you’re an existing user or new user, we can host the OASIS database on our secure cloud server. Your installation of OASIS will be pointed at the cloud server and operate just as if it was installed locally. The data is backed up and verified regularly. Should there be any issues with the data or database, OASIS support can provide support quickly.


  • No hardware investment or managing hardware issues
  • Auto-backups done 24/7
  • Access anywhere there is an internet connection
  • The technology is very secure
  • Your database is monitored to verify the data is good


To determine your cost, check the size of your OASIS database file (oasis.db)

NOTE – We do not count the size of any transaction log file(s), only the oasis.db file



Hosted database – up to 75 GB

$75 per month (most groups never get above this)

Additional Charge

-Each 25 GB of database size (oasis.db only)

$25 per month

Have access to OASIS anywhere with OASIS Cloud Hosting!

Give us a call or email now to get started.

Tony Moss

Ingen Software, Inc - OASIS Sales Software
3022 Hwy 367 S
Cabot, AR  72023