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OASIS Cloud Backup Service
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OASIS Cloud Backup Service

As more and more data is stored in the OASIS database, it becomes imperative that this data be backed up and verified from time to time. Small businesses rarely consider the concept of disaster recovery. If your server is physically damaged (fire. flood, tornado, hurricane, etc) or even missing, how long would it take before you could be back up doing business?

You can feel safe with the Cloud Backup Service, all data is copied to one of our cloud servers while you work without installing any extra software. If your server has a catastrophic failure, we can move you to our active cloud hosting servers, allowing you to get back to work - even before a new server arrives! This process provides world class disaster recovery for OASIS users.

There are good backup routines out there, but we were looking for a way to reduce manual processes such as:

  • Exchanging a tape/disk backup daily
  • Creating a backup disk
  • Copying to an external drive, disconnecting the drive, and making sure a copy is stored offsite

All of these are backup processes. However, they do take a certain amount of regular manual action and management. The Cloud Backup Service is “hands off” after initial setup.

  • Your database is backed up initially to the cloud server.
  • The Cloud Backup process is enabled on the database
  • The process runs in the background using very few resources
  • The process continues as long as someone is logged into the database.
  • Optionally, OASIS Support will help you set up a batch job on the server for the sync process

Synchronized Update

Years ago, we used servers to successfully deploy OASIS updates to thousands of individual users in the western hemisphere. We have extended this synchronization technology to allow the Cloud Backup services to push a backup of a document changed in the OASIS database to our servers.The technology is very secure. The database copy is periodically validated by our professional staff to ensure the database is ready when you need the backup.

What is most interesting is that the backup happens all the time. While you are editing any document in OASIS, the system detects a change to a quote, order, or other transaction. This schedules the document to be sent to our Cloud Backup server. At any given time, any one of the users in the office could be selected to start sending data to the backup server, all in the background without their knowledge or input. The process is lightweight and should cause no noticeable impact to their OASIS performance.

You are able to check the status of the cloud backup at any time within the software configuration section of OASIS. The status panel shows the number of documents left to send to our server. Your database is monitored to verify the data is good and contains up to date information. You will be notified of any errors or lapses in the process.


To determine your cost, check the size of your OASIS database file (oasis.db)

NOTE – We do not count the size of any log file(s).



Database Backup – up to 50 GB

$50 per month

Additional Charge – Each 25 GB of database size (oasis.db only)

$25 per month

Have the peace of mind in knowing your data is backed up offsite, easily accessible, and always running! Give us a call or email to get started.

Tony Moss

Ingen Software, Inc - OASIS Sales Software
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