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Submittal Subscription Service
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Submittal Subscription Service

One of the original creations in OASIS was the submittal piece. Users needed a way to generate a submittal set from a bill of materials that created a professional image of their company that could be presented to specifiers. As the submittal piece progressed, we added the ability for OASIS to highlight, draw, and add text to these submittal sheets when created. From there, OASIS was able to “learn” these marked sheets as matching the part / catalog number they were created from. This resulted in significantly less time needed for users to create submittals. The next step was for the OASIS team to create a service that does the highlighting automatically when they create a submittal set. The OASIS team can now take a manufacturer’s specification sheets, highlight all the possible part nomenclatures (options, voltages, colors, etc) so when the user creates submittals, your manufacturer sheets are generated with all the highlighting completed to match the part/catalog number. The time needed to create submittals with your manufacturer sheets only takes a short time. This makes you easier to do business with!

How it works

Working with you, we would acquire all the spec pages you have available to the rep force. We would then load and process each page, highlighting and coding all the possible part/catalog numbers that can be created from that base spec sheet.

We would also get a list of all your manufacturer reps so we know who to make the service available to. Once completed, we would notify (or have you notify) the rep force that the service is available and send instructions on how to set the service up. Once they have the spec sheets loaded, they are ready to go!

Updating and Archiving

As a spec sheet is updated or a new spec sheet is created, you (the manufacturer) would send us the new spec sheet and we process it and add it to the OASIS manufacturers catalog. This new sheet is then made available to the rep force via the download process. As the new sheet is loaded, OASIS examines the sheet to see if it will work in OASIS.

If the spec sheet replaces an existing sheet, OASIS will compare it to the current sheet and if it is newer than the current one, it will replace and “archive” the older sheet. This archiving process allows the system to keep the older sheet in case the user needs to open older submittals.

If a spec sheet is discontinued, then you (the manufacturer) would notify us so we can archive the spec sheet.


We have two options to provide the rep with the Submittal Subscription Service.

1.      All spec sheets, updated and archiving older sheets. (SSS)

2.      The above plus “Auto-highlighted” spec sheet service (SSS Plus)

Each service is based of the number of “base” spec sheets you have.

  • SSS – this service gives the rep an initial load of all spec sheets and keeps the sheets up to date per the process mentioned above.
  • SSS Plus – The service includes the above plus the sheets will be auto-highlighted as the reps pull them into a submittal in OASIS.

NOTE - There is a significant amount of work to create the pre-highlighting and all the possible part numbers/options that can be generated from a single base spec sheet. .


  • When a rep user creates a set of submittals for a job, your sheets are already highlighted and they do not have to touch it.
  • As you update and add new sheets the users are comfortable knowing they always have the correct and latest spec sheet available!
  • This reduction in time spent creating submittals is significant.
  • It creates a professional image and specifiers know what to expect from your rep. 

Make your company easier to do business with giving your reps the advantage!

Call or email us for a quote!

Tony Moss

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