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Software»OASIS Mobile Sync Batch Job
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OASIS Mobile Sync Batch Job

(No longer supported)



For this batch job to automatically run, the OASIS batch service must be installed on the server. See this document for more information: Setting up the Oasis Batch Service

This batch service is intended for use with groups who have purchased the OASIS mobile app and have subscribed to the mobile sync service provided by Ingen Software. 


The mobile sync batch job will scan for changes based on each individual mobile device's filters and sync queued items to the mobile sync server every 10 minutes.

Under Configuration > Software, click on Manage Devices under the Mobile Devices area.

Under the Tools menu, select Create Mobile Batch Job.

You will be prompted to confirm creation of the batch job. Click Yes.

You will receive confirmation that the job was created.

You can view the batch job status under the Tools > Batch Jobs menu under Configuration > Software.

At this point, by default the mobile sync job will run every 10 minutes as long as the OASIS batch service prerequisite is running. The job will check for a send/receive queue and run if needed. The service may run for up to 30 minutes per cycle as needed.