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Software»Batch Job - Emailing Reminders
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Last modified on 10/26/2015 1:03 PM by User.

Batch Job - Emailing Reminders

OASIS has the ability to email reminders in addition to having them pop up on the OASIS Home screen or pop up on-screen. This is done through a batch job that can be run automatically through the batch service on the OASIS server or on demand through any OASIS workstation as long as email setup is in place. The batch job will email reminders to the user the reminder is assigned to, based on date and time of the reminder, based on the email in their user account.

Setup Prerequisites

If you are running this through the OASIS batch service on the OASIS server, you need to make sure that the batch service user is set up with some sort of email preferences. For batch job usage, SMTP is recommended. If the batch service user is set up to use Outlook, the Outlook client must be running on the server.

If you are running this job on demand, the same applies to the workstation it is being run on. 


To enable the batch job, go to Configuration > Software, then Tools > Batch Jobs. Under the Batch Jobs window, go to the Tools menu and select Enable Email Reminders Batch.

You will be asked to confirm the creation of the batch job.Click Yes.

You'll receive the below pop up indicating success.

Refresh the OASIS Batch Jobs window to see the batch job in the list.

You can change the delay of the batch job if needed. Double click on the job in the list to open the Batch Job Editor window. Set the delay in minutes as needed. (The default is to run every 30 minutes.)

NOTE: Other batch job parameters here should not be altered without contacting OASIS support for guidance.


If you already have the OASIS batch service installed on the server, this will start emailing reminders win the batch loop runs its next cycle. If you wish to email these on demand instead, simply go to the Batch Jobs window, then File > Run Batch Loop. 

This will run the batch job every 30 minutes as long as OASIS is open on the workstation that started the batch loop. Closing OASIS on that workstation will stop the batch loop.