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Last modified on 10/7/2015 9:45 AM by User.

Hold for Release and Flash

The OASIS hold for release feature is now tied to Flash. There are two ways to use this feature: with or without a Flash quote.

The Process

  1. Create the hold order and print it. OASIS will not allow the order to be sent to Flash
  2. Within OASIS, select Action > Release
  3. Set the required release quantities and print.
  4. Select "Send Direct" and follow the prompts.


Please note that change orders are not implemented. If a line is "on hold" in OASIS, any changes to that item may be performed in OASIS only as long as no quote is associated with the line in Flash.

If a line in OASIS has been released into Flash, then any changes to that line must be made manually in both systems.

How does it work?

There are two different methods used to release an order in Flash from a release in OASIS. One method is used if a Flash quote number is found on the OASIS order. Another method is used if there are no Flash quote numbers. Regardless of method, each OASIS release will result in a new order in Flash with the same PO number.

No Flash Quote Number

If no Flash quote number is found on the OASIS Hold order when the release is sent via "Send Direct!", then OASIS will create a new fully released order in Flash.

With Flash Quote Number

If a Flash quote number is found on the OASIS order, then OASIS will request that Flash convert the matching lines on the OASIS release to be converted to a new order in Flash.

CAUTION: it is recommended that the OASIS order and the Flash quote be similar AND have matching fixture types. If the same catalog number is in OASIS twice with the same fixture type, there is a good chance OASIS will not be able to uniquely identify the line on the Flash quote. If this does happen, then the order will have to be released in Flash manually and not through OASIS.


Consider the following order. It has a number of items that are on hold with prior releases. Also note that the order has Flash quote numbers.

To start the release, select Action > Release. If all items are being released, select "Yes" to the popup, otherwise select "No". Next, make any changes to quantities only.

In this example, 10 more items were released for fixture type "A".

Print the order:

Press "OK" to get the "Send Now" screen:

Press the "Send Now" button:

If a Flash quote number is on the order, you will be asked if the Flash quote should be used to create the order. This must be done if special pricing was obtained through the Flash quote. (The only other option is to manually create the order in Flash.)

If a Flash quote number is on the order and you select "Send OASIS", OASIS will attempt to create the order in Flash without the quote. This is not recommended. If there was special pricing on the Flash quote, then the order will fail. The best method is to remove the Flash quote number from the OASIS order if the Flash quote does not apply to the order.

Review and select Flash settings as required. Press "Submit":

Special Considerations

When using an OASIS Hold for Release with Flash, much of the processing is as it has been in the past. However, if multiple releases are made against the same OASIS Hold Order, then the following considerations should be made:

  • You will have multiple .xml "send" files in the OASIS attachments. One for each successful order sent to Flash.
  • When using the SAP (or Flash) View feature, you will have multiple pages: one for each Flash order (OASIS release).
    • If the line is on hold and has a Flash quote number, then the corresponding line in the Flash quote mush change as well
    • If the line has been released, then the line must be changed in OASIS and manually changed in Flash as well.
  • (Change orders don't matter if the line is on hold in OASIS and there is no related Flash quote number.)