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Quote - Resell (Services Rendered) w/other resell items


In the Quote process where you have Resell lines and are buying product from vendor(s) and you have a line for "Engineering Services" where you are not buying product, only invoicing the customer. This document will explain this process.

Quote Example

The first 2 lines are Buy/Sell (Resell) where product is being purchased from a Vendor. The last line is just invoicing the customer for services rendered and no product is being purchased.

The normal process is followed to convert the quote to order(s). Select the winning customer, then Create PO's

In the "staging" screen below, push the radio button for "All resell items" as normal

However, then click the Bill of Material tab on the right

In the Bill of Material tab, un-check the line(s) where product is being purchased so that only the line for Services Rendered is checked.

Add any other shipping info, addresses or notes

Then click Create

The Status Question window opens, click Yes

The Release or Hold Question window opens, select your order type

The Customer PO opens

Enter the customer PO number, tab off. Enter any other information on the Order such as Addresses, Notes, etc

Once that is completed and you are ready to process (since no Vendor PO is being created)

You must let the system know there will be no Vendor PO

Go to "Action" then "Complete Changes" - this will allow the system to create a customer invoice with no vendor PO

The Complete change order window opens, select Yes

Notice the  icon on the Order screen indicating it has been processed and ready to create the customer PO

To create a customer invoice, go to File, then "New Customer Invoice Like"

From here continue the normal customer invoice process on the previous page