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Attachment Rules


Attachment rules allow for a new attachment to be coded somehow when it is added to OASIS. For example: anytime an order entry adds a file ending with .pdf as an order attachment, select the category as "Customer Document". In all cases, users have the ability to over-ride the coding before saving to OASIS.

Viewing Attachment Rules

To view attachment rules, select "Software" under "Configuration". Then select "Attachments Configuration":

And select the "Rules" tab:

Creating an Attachment Rule

To create an attachment rule, click on the insert row icon:

This will show the attachment sources. The "AttachFile" source is the most common as this source is used anytime a user manually drags a file into the attachments tab of an OASIS transaction. Other attachment sources are generated from within OASIS. For example, the Invoice-Print source is identified anytime someone sends a customer invoice from OASIS.

After selecting "AttachFile" we get:

The screen is divide between "tests" and "actions". As we add tests, all the tests must match before the actions are done. To add a test, select the insert row icon:


Selecting a test will show a configuration screen specific to the setup of the test. Selecting "User" shows the following:

Multiple users may be selected and for this test. The test will match if the logged in user when the attachment is added to OASIS matches the list of selected users.

Press Ok to save.

Then select insert row under the actions area:

Selecting an action will show a configuration screen for that action. Selecting "SetColor" shows:

We selected "Current".

The attachment rule will now set all attachments manually added to OASIS on any screen by the selected users to "Current":



Logging into OASIS as one of the selected users will result in the following when an attachment is manually added to OASIS:

Attachment Sources

Name Description
AttachFile User attaching a file to OASIS by dragging and dropping an attachment
Invoice-Dispute User sent a commissions dispute to a factory (rep version only)
Invoice-Print User sent a customer copy of an invoice.
Order-Cancel User sent an order cancelation
Order-ChangeOrder User sent a change order
Order-Hold User sent a hold order
Order-InternalChange User printed "Internal Change" for an order.
Order-New New release order was sent
Order-RMA Order RMA was sent
Order-Release Release against a hold order was sent.
Order-SalesOrder Order sent
Quote-BOM Quote BOM print was sent
Quote-Breakout Quote manufacturer breakout was sent
Quote-CustomerCopy Quote customer copy was sent
Quote-RFQ RFQ was sent
Quote-SpecRegistration Spec Registration was sent.

Attachment Tests

Name Description
FileNameLike Identify the file name being attached using a pattern with asterisks as a "wild card". (Example: "*.pdf" will only match files with an extension of .pdf)
MatchAny An open ended rule that matches anything.
User Matches the logged in user when the attachment is created.

Attachment Actions

Name Description
SetCategory Set the category for the attachment
SetColor Set the color for the attachment.