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Attachment Shortcuts


OASIS Attachments are stored directly in the OASIS database. This allows for simplified access for remote users, common backup solution for all OASIS data, automatic compression, and indexing the data within OASIS. However, huge files sometimes need to be referenced from OASIS but not needed to be stored in the database. A good example is a CAD file that is fairly large. This document shows how to create a shortcut (pointer) to the file from within OASIS.

CAUTION: users needing access to the file will need to have a common mapped drive and operating system (e.g. shortcuts are a little different between Windows and Macintosh).

Creating an Attachment Shortcut

Drag and drop normally, then (below example)

To create an attachment shortcut, simply select "as Shortcut" when an attachment is added to the attachments tab.

Rename, add notes, categorize, color code as normal, click OK

To open a Shortcut Attachment

Opening the file is as before - just double click on it. However, if you do not have access to the location the file is at or the file has been moved, OASIS will simply popup an error: (example below)