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Multiple HLI "OS" numbers
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Multiple HLI "OS" numbers

To setup HLI integration for multiple workgroups, first perform setup and confirm OASIS features for one workgroup. Then follow the steps below to add different workgroups with different HLI "OS" numbers.

Versions: W290A2 or later.


Open any of the HLI brands and click on the word "Configure Specialization":

When the "HLI Configure for: Hubbell" window appears, press the "adv." button to expose the individual workgroup setup:

Often, the "Agent ID" is the OS number without the letters "OS". The User and password information given by the HLI support desk is keyed next. Then select the workgroup corresponding to the HLI information.

(The user/password information keyed above the "adv." section is the default. Most groups do not need to add a workgroup entry for the "primary" HLI login.)

How it Works

The setup allows for a default HLI identity (usually associated with a sales territory) and any number of alternate HLI identities - one per OASIS workgroup. The following OASIS connectivity features are affected:

  • Basic lookup information (e.g. stock status) is performed from the default login / sales territory information
  • When downloading price lists, each login is consulted for territory specific pricing.
  • When sending orders and RFQ requests, the workgroup associated with the transaction (NOT the user) is used to login and upload the data to HLI.
  • When downloading information (e.g. order status) from HLI, all logins (territories) are consulted. The transaction downloaded is compared to what is in OASIS and applied as before. The OASIS transaction is used for security (not the HLI transaction).

Most organizations set the default login information (found above the "adv." section of the configuration window) to be the primary HLI identity (sales territory). Additionall HLI identities (sales territories) are added below the "adv." section and associated with a workgroup in OASIS.

When users create quotes and orders, the transaction is assigned to their workgroup by default. Under the "tools" menu of quotes and orders, there exists a "Change Workgroup" feature that allows a user to reassign a transaction to a different workgroup. When the transaction is uploaded to HLI, the workgroup setting on the transaction in OASIS is used to select the login information (sales territory) for HLI. (Resetting the workgroup information in OASIS will not move the transaction to a different sales territory for HLI - call your HLI customer service person if there has been a mistake when sending an order or quote request to HLI.)