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Last modified on 6/18/2015 3:24 PM by User.

How to Install and Set Up Your OASIS Demo

Welcome to OASIS! This help sheet is designed for a new demo installation of OASIS. If purchased, the software can easily go live with a simple change of license files so it is important to set up and configure the software as if you were going to use it daily. It will walk you through installing OASIS and getting the basics set up, but if you would rather have assistance please call us. You should have received a license file (.lic) already. Save the license file to the desktop or somewhere you can find it easily because it will be needed soon.

Video:  New Server Installation (MP4 | YouTube)

Minimum Requirements for OASIS

Download and install the latest OASIS server installer (Do this only once)

Create the database and service (Do this only once)

Installing the client software

First login steps (adding licenses)

Initial setup steps