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Last modified on 6/16/2015 11:09 AM by User.

"Read Only" view in Projects/Quotes

How the database handles transaction locking

If another user has the quote open, the database will consider it locked for editing. In the past, a non-admin user would see a pop up indicating that it was locked by another user. They would have to wait until the lock was cleared by the user who had the transaction open for editing. Users with admin rights would be able to bypass the lock and open the quote anyways. This function was commonly misunderstood. The admin user was actually clearing the lock by the other user, causing the quote to be locked by them instead. When they closed the quote the lock was cleared. The database considered the quote to be unlocked, despite the fact that the original user still had the quote open and was actively working in it. This allowed for a "last save wins" scenario. Others could open the quote and make changes but if the original user saved and closed, their changes would be lost. 

Read Only Mode

Starting with W614D1, Read Only mode has been added to Projects/Quotes. 

Users without admin rights will see the following pop up:

This will not change the lock on the project but will allow them to open the quote to view the current saved revision. Lines should appear grey and changes are not allowed.

Users with admin rights will see a slightly different pop up:

The admin ability to bypass the lock has been clarified to explain that it actually clears the lock by the other user. Instead of doing so, admins will also have the option to open the quote in a Read Only mode. If an admin clears the lock and saves and closes without informing the original user that had the quote open, there is still a risk of the "last save wins" scenario discussed above.  

Clicking "Save and close" on this screen will only close the quote.