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Adding a "Part not Found" to t…
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Last modified on 5/29/2015 11:20 AM by User.


Adding a "Part not Found" to the Price File


Price lists in OASIS are essential to fast and accurate quoting process. Price files can be:

-          Created from scratch/blank

-          Copy/pasted from a manufacturer sent spreadsheet

-          Downloaded from a manufacturer via an OASIS specialization piece

But there are times when a part number you’ve typed in is not in the current saved price file.

To add this part number to the price file

-          Go to Tools (Menu bar)

-          Click F3 (Price Lookup) – the Price Lookup window opens

-          Then click File > New > New Item (Control-N)

-      The “Add New Part ___” window opens

-          Enter any part information including the Pricing in the “Pricing” tab

-          Click OK

-          The part now has been added to the Price file



If you have typed a part number not in the system and tabbed off, you may see a window in the bottom right corner, the message means OASIS is checking the price file for any updates.