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Mission Statement

We are committed to being the best sales software in the commercial and industrial lighting industry. Our focus is giving you laser-like focus on your business' sales, customer service, and accounting and providing the intelligence you need to run your business the most efficiently. We believe the best way we can do this is to hold ourselves to the highest standards:

Customer Service

We are committed to providing comprehensive and accurate solutions to our clients in order to make the best use of our products. We do this through a responsive and customer focused support process. 


We continue to deliver a feature rich sales solution for lighting sales companies based on current technology and the changing business environment. Our solutions are based on feedback from customers seeking real business solutions.

Training and Documentation

We provide training and documentation for initial startup and continuing usage of OASIS.  We strive to continuously improve our online help documents and videos showing how to use OASIS features.  In addition, we provide proactive outreach opportunities during your first year to ease your transition to OASIS.  We also offer online and onsite personalized training services to help users build business processes around OASIS.

Business Knowledge

We are committed to creating software based on the best “real-life” business practices. We have devoted ourselves to not only learning the business of our customers but understanding their needs.


We believe that you cannot run a truly successful business without integrity and character. We are committed to protecting the business secrets and data of our customers.