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Eaton Order Status Download


This document covers how to download Eaton Order Status. It assumes that you have gone through the process of setting up Eaton brands and mapping them to the Flash codes. If you have not set up Eaton Flash connectivity yet, please consult the help document located below:

Setting up Flash Integration (US Agents) (Canadian Agents)

Setting the Download Dates

The first step when downloading order status for the first time (or after an extended period of time has gone by), is to reset the date from which you'd like to begin the download. This can be easily done by going to the "Orders" application in OASIS, and from the Cooper menu, selecting "Reset order status download dates."


A calendar will appear. The date you select here will be the date from which you will BEGIN the download.

In our example, we've selected October 14th. When we run order status, then we will receive order status on or after October 14th, one day per download. What this means is that as we run order status, it will roll our dates forward.  Example:

  • Reset the date for October 14th.
  • Run Order Status downloads.
  • Once the download completes, we now have order status for the date of October 14th. The download date is also set forward one day, to October 15th.
  • Run Order Status downloads once more.
  • We have now received downloads for October 15th. The date is pushed forward once more to October 16th. We can repeat this as many times as needed, until we are up to today's date, when it will stop rolling the date forward.

Running a Download

To run order status in a one time download, simply go to the "Orders" application and from the Cooper menu, select "Download Orders" The download will start, and you will see a bubble appear near your clock in the system tray.

While the order status is running, you will not receive notifications until it completes. If you need to check on the status (if you think you missed the notification), you can double click on the OASIS icon in the windows system tray to view the "Session Events" window.

If the order status download has completed, you should see a line with the "Action" of "Order Status Download" saying "Download complete." If it is still running, you will not see this item.

Once order status has completed the download, it will also show the order status download folder.  (See below)

Processing Order Status

When Order Status completes downloading, it will attempt to "auto-apply" as many items as it can. This is a term used for when order status is automatically applied to an order, and the lines are updated to reflect the information in the order status download (i.e., shipping lines added/updated, etc.). NOTE: Orders that auto-apply will have the update user of "OASIS"

For the items that it cannot auto-apply, they will be stored into the Order Status Download Folder for manual processing. This folder is what appears after the download completes. If you at any time need to view the folder (if it does not show after the download completes, or if you need to return to the information in it), you can show it by going to the "Orders" application in OASIS, and from the Tools menu, selecting "Show Order Status Download Folder."

Once in the download folder, you will see all of the order status that did not apply to orders in your system.

At this point, you can open the items and view the data that is on them. It should give some sort of hint as to why it did not auto apply, such as "PO NOT IN OASIS" or "MATCHES MULTIPLE POs" at the bottom.

To process these items, you can use the tools menu and choose from the following options:

  • Create Matching OASIS Transaction
    • This option will create the PO for which it is designated. If the order already exists in OASIS, you should NOT choose this option
  • Select OASIS PO and Move
    • Allows you to search for the Order manually and move the copy of order status to that transaction. This is useful for when the status matches multiple POs (same MFG, same customer, same PO number)
  • Move to Related OASIS Transaction
    • Automatically searches for the PO and moves the information to it if it finds it. If not found, no action will happen.
  • Clean Up (Move to Related)
    • Similar to above, but takes ALL order status in the folder and selects the items it can find automatically

NOTE: In ALL cases above, an attachment is added to the order with the order status information. No OASIS transaction or line level information is processed for the order. You will still need to go in an manually apply the information. The only case where information is applied to the order is when the auto-apply process is successful.

Viewing Imported Shipping Data

Once order stats has been moved to the related order, you can view the shipping by clicking on the "Tools" menu from inside the Order, and then "View Order Status Downloads."  You can also press the F7 key to get this.


Updating One Order

If you need to refresh only one order's shipping status, you can do so by highlighting the order in the listing, then going to the Tools menu and selecting "Refresh Order Status for Selected Orders." The same feature is available in the Tools Menu within an order editor (Refresh Order Status).

Known Issues

If a line is split into multiple factory items and the shipment information provided by Flash was added to the parent line, not the split line, the order status will not apply correctly in Oasis and will need to be manually added.

Flash has implemented a service call limit. If there are many orders to receive updates on, you may hit this limit very quickly and need to run the download multiple times in approximately 10 minute intervals to get all updates.