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Last modified on 11/17/2015 8:03 AM by User.

Virtual Auto-Archive Cutsheets Feature

With the release in March 2015 we introduced a new feature to assist in keeping your cut sheet library up to date. The new feature will perform a "virtual archive" on cut sheets based on their age. By default, if they are older than 6 months, it gives you a warning when the submittal is created. If they are older than 12 months, it virtually archives them and won't pull them into a new submittal. 

This is not a true archive. It is meant to be a visual indicator that the cut sheet might be out of date.

This setting is manufacturer specific. Some manufacturers will update their cut sheets often, while others stay current for years. You can adjust the date range for the virtual archive to tune this feature based on the brands you represent.

Changing the Settings for when OASIS does the auto-archive

If you would like to move the virtual archive feature out another year or more for all of your manufacturers, then we have made a couple of scripts that will help you with this process.

Here are the current script file options available.

File Cut Sheet Warning At Cut Sheet Virtual Archive at
Cutsheet12-24.txt 1 year 2 years
Cutsheet24-48.txt 2 years 4 years
Cutsheet48-60.txt 4 years 5 years

For information on how to run the file please see this document:  Applying a script file to OASIS

Keeping Cut Sheets Current

In the past, when looking at the base image you would see a warning that the cut sheet was out of date after 6 months in the top right corner of the page editor of the submittal. You can now open the base image and click "Update" in the top right corner and then click the button labeled "Set Current" to mark this cut sheet as still current. 

This will effectively reset the clock on that cut sheet. Oasis will set it as if it was loaded today and will not warn about its age until the date range specified in the manufacturer entry.